Apr 25, 2023

The Best Electric Weed Grinders to Spare Your Wrist

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If you're tired of the daily grind, automate the process with these powered bud-crushers.

As cannabis use has become more mainstream with state after state legalizing the once-taboo drug for recreational and medicinal use, entire industries have popped up to service this ever-growing crop of law-abiding consumers. From brands churning out stylish vapes and bongs to companies selling actual bud and edibles, there is no shortage of weed gear available to purchase these days. And one of the most essential pieces of kit in any pot smoker's arsenal, at least if they’re toking up with dry herb, is undoubtedly a grinder. For most folks, a classic two- or three-piece manual grinder will do the job just fine, but there's also a burgeoning market out there for more high-tech electric weed grinders.

Electric versions of practically every appliance and tool exist. Some, like electric coffee grinders, are vastly superior to their manual equivalents. While others, like electric carving knives, set out to solve a problem that doesn't exist (and perhaps create one in its stead). So which camp do electric weed grinders fall into? If you ask most cannabis users, they’ll tell you that electric grinders are needlessly complicated and expensive, since manual grinders are pretty easy and foolproof to use.

However, for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or other conditions that make manipulating a manual grinder with their hands difficult or even impossible, electric weed grinders are a godsend, as they require little physical effort from the user. Electric weed grinders also appeal to anyone who's just into the latest gadgets, as they can certainly be pretty fun to mess around with while also doing an admirable job of shredding up your bud — and doing so more quickly than a manual grinder. They can also be useful when you have to grind up a lot of weed — Snoop Dogg himself is said to have used a Braun coffee grinder because he was grinding up so much fresh herb.

The product category of electric weed grinders hasn't been around for a very long time, but Banana Bros has already established itself as the brand to beat. Leading the way for them is their flagship OTTO, which in addition to grinding your flower, can also make pre-rolled joints for you too, making the process even easier if a joint is your preferred weed delivery system. Our tester found that the OTTO charges quickly and keeps a charge, and he said it grinds just as well as a manual grinder. This is likely due to the grinder's AI that senses your weed's density and consistency to mimic how a person would manually grind weed.

By and large, you're going to spend more on an electric grinder than you would on a manual one. But you don't have to spend a fortune to get a solid electric weed grinder. Evidence of that can be found with the Mamba V2, which can be had for under 40 bucks. The grinder's unique shape and cone dispenser allow you to easily direct your ground weed into your storage container of choice with no mess or risk of cross-contamination (though you may need to tap it to fully empty it), and the conveniently placed rocker switch is designed to be easy to use for those with hand-strength issues while preventing the teeth from jamming.

If you plan on grinding on the go, then you'll probably want something discreet. And for that, we recommend Quant's Premium Electric Grinder. This pen-shaped grinder almost looks like a vape, and makes for a great companion to your favorite dry herb-heating vape. The grinder requires you to hold the button for ten seconds, so it's not as simple as some other push-button grinders, but it does have a helpful safety feature that prevents the grinder from running when the cap is off and the blades are exposed. Also, despite its small size, the Quant grinder has enough capacity to store weed for multiple grinding sessions.

Maybe you're not fully on board yet with electrical grinders but are a bit curious about the segment. If that sounds like you, then the Tectonic9 might be your gateway to electric grinding. This grinder looks like a manual grinder because, well, it is. The actual grinding is done in the traditional way, with your hands making use of the grinder's 28 diamond-shaped teeth. But when it's time to dispense, that's where the electrification comes in, as a vibration motor paired with a precise magnetic spout allows for even and easy dispensing of your freshly-ground weed.

Most electric weed grinders also incorporate some sort of automatic dispensing, where your freshly-ground weed is blasted out of a small hole. This allows for precise distribution and an admittedly cool party trick, but those little dispensing holes can be a bit of a pain to clean. Enter Wakit's ball and chain grinder. To use this electric grinder, you don't actually put any weed into it. Instead, you lay out your bud on your desired surface, then place the Wakit grinder on top of it, grinder side down. Pressing down on the grinder activates the motor, which spins a beaded chain that grinds your weed. A clear 360-degree viewing window allows you to see the action, letting you fine-tune your grinding as you go, so there are no surprises when you're done ... and no tiny dispensing hole to clean out.

As previously mentioned, Banana Bros' OTTO has more or less come to be viewed as the crème de la crème of electric weed grinders, thanks largely to its AI-powered smart grinding. But if you don't smoke joints, then the device's automatic cone joint-filling feature will be wasted on you. "The Go version is better for people who are using vape pens, pipes, bongs or feel comfortable in their own rolling skills," says our tester. "It's a bit smaller and doesn't have the cone packing attachment." Our tester also found the charging and grinding capabilities of the Go to be on par with the original OTTO.