May 17, 2023

ONGOAL TECH Moves Battery Production Line to Battery Show Europe 2023

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STUTTGART, Germany , May 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- ONGOAL TECH showcased its battery slurry mixing and battery material production line models at The Battery Show Europe 2023 from May 23rd to 25th . The company replicated its comprehensive solutions for battery materials production and three types of slurry-mixing processes through immersive 3D miniatures.

Partnering with top global power battery OEMs like CATL, BYD, and CALB, ONGOAL TECH, the leading global integrated service provider of material handling systems, possesses extensive experience and know-how in the Lithium-ion battery industry, and as a leader, it is committed to pushing boundaries of technology innovation in battery manufacturing.

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One-Stop Solution for Anode and Cathode Materials

ONGOAL TECH strives to provide customers with stable, reliable, efficient, and complete solutions, covering process design, utility design, core equipment development, and customized intelligent control systems. ONGOAL TECH supports material suppliers with:

Covering 3 Types of Battery Slurry Mixing Equipment Concurrently

ONGOAL TECH offers three types of slurry mixing technologies and equipment: the Dual Planetary Slurry Mixing System, High Efficiency Slurry Mixing System, and Twin-screw Continuous Slurry Mixing System. These systems cover the entire process from feeding, metering, slurry-mixing and dispersion, to slurry transferring, providing step-by-step product matrices to meet diverse production requirements. ONGOAL TECH brings to the battery industry:

In recent years, ONGOAL TECH has gained extensive experience in implementing overseas projects through collaborations with clients in Europe and America. Looking ahead, the company will accelerate its international expansion, create higher-quality and more comprehensive solutions, and contribute to a "zero-carbon" era through global manufacturing, global services, and global cooperation, supporting partners worldwide.


Established in 2008, ONGOAL is a National High-Tech Enterprise in China . The company provides complete engineering design and delivery services, core equipment and accessories, software, and other technical services to its customers.

Focused on automatic one-stop material handling solutions, ONGOAL integrates core modules such as dosing, storage, pneumatic conveying, metering, batching, mixing, dispersing, packaging, and intelligent control. ONGOAL's products and systems are widely used in industries such as battery slurry mixing, battery materials, fine chemicals, food and medicine, rubber, and plastics. It is a trusted expert in material handling.

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