Dec 06, 2023

People shocked to discover 'secret' setting on salt grinders



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Some people are salty over being clueless about this "hack."

A TikTok content creator identified only as Mark — who posts under Right Guys Review on the platform — has revealed something about salt grinders that's apparently blowing people's minds.

"I was today years old," he shared with his 1.4 million followers.

"I can't believe I’m just finding this out today," he said in the video, which has 2.4 million views and 71,200 likes as of Monday morning.

Mark grabs a salt grinder out of his kitchen cabinet and explains, "Do you know these salt shaker things? Well, did you know you can actually change it from fine to ground? I never knew that. Who knew that?"

He shows that pushing down on the circle in the middle of the grinder changes the setting.

"So apparently you just pop this down, and it changes it from big to small," he said.

He goes on to demonstrate, grinding salt onto his counter using both fine and ground settings.

"How am I only finding this out today?" Mark exclaimed.

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People were shocked to discover this hidden feature.

"Don't cos I’ve been wondering why my salt was so huge!" one person wrote.

"Not me going to my cupboard," another joked.

"Nearly broke my neck running to cupboards to try this out," someone else commented.

"I’ve never ran so fast to my cupboard to test it out," a person said. "Mind blown."

"That's a game changer," someone wrote.

"Omg I’ve just done this with my pepper one, thanks for sharing," said one person who pointed out that it works for pepper grinders, too.

Meanwhile, this is the first "shocking" reveal that might seem obvious to many. Over the holidays, people freaked out about another ubiquitous item.

Nutcrackers have become a staple of Christmas décor — but their actual purpose has been a shock to some.

Go figure: The true function of nutcrackers lies within its name.

People stormed social media to express their surprise after discovering nutcrackers are actually used to crack open the shells of nuts. It may seem obvious given the name of the figurine, but it seems to have gone right over many people's heads.

" ‘You’re telling me that nutcrackers can actually crack nuts?’ -Me, Thanksgiving 2022," one person tweeted.

"Oomf genuinely didn't know that nutcrackers crack nuts I’m sobbing rn," another said.

"Nutcrackers are actually used to crack nuts… I was today years old," someone admitted.

"I was today years old when I realized that nutcrackers are actually used to crack nuts," another added.


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