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Cupreous knowledge
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  • Of copper and copper alloy apply

    Introductive: Use general picture

    1. The application in electrician course of study
    2. The application in electronic industry
    3. The sources of energy reachs the application in petrifaction industry
    4. The application in traffic industry
    5. The application in machinery and metallurgical industry
    6. The application in light industry
    7. Building and art use copper
    8. The application on high-tech

  • The application of cupreous compound
  • Fundamental condition of copper
  • About cupreous technology and standard
  • The smelt of copper cash
  • Copper -- a kind of durable metal
  • Copper is in the action in human body health
  • Copper can exterminate 0157 coliform organisms(offer by association of international copper trade)
  • Copper and environment(offer by association of international copper trade)
  • The sort of copper mine and distributing
  • Cupreous color and verdigris (offer by association of international copper trade)
  • Global take into mining area with regional a few copper
  • Wet the influence that refine copper brings to cupreous industry
  • Copper and human body are healthy (offer by association of international copper trade)

The application of copper and copper alloy is introductive: Use general picture
Human application steel the history of chiliad of personal know exactly about sth. Grave archaeology discovers, be in early the prehistoric period before 6000, egyptian uses bronze ware. Copper is the metal that human ancestor uses the earliest. It has a lot of exceedingly good character and wonderful function, not only the progress that is human society made graven contribution; And as the development of human civilization ceaseless development gives new use. Cupreous since an old metal, it is a modern project material that is full of opportunity of survival and vigor. Current mankind entered rich and colorful, be a feature with electrification and electronic information, the society of high civilization, be copper should, with open up more capacious earth. Copper is used by people with the form of the metal with various breed, alloy and compound, course of study already deeply infiltration each respects of production and life, become the mankind to be crossed, a when ZI century obtains flying development indispensable important metal. Introducing copper to be before the applied circumstance in each main industry department respectively, let us wait for all respects to have a look at contemporary application state of copper from structure of cupreous function, consumption above all
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